Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX5V Camera

This little black number in Sony’s Cyber-Shot family appears to be like just about any other compact camera, yet is outstanding with its features! Not only does the 10.2 megapixel DSC-HX5V include a 10x wide-angle zoom lens, an advanced Image Stabilization system, as well as a 3″ LCD display screen which has an anti-reflective coating, it can also take 1080i AVCD HD video with HDMI output, even saving in MP4 format.Boasting an “Exmor R” CMOS sensor, this Cyber-Shot boosts the top of the range G-Lens’ capabilities creating spectacular photographs with very low grain and noise, even in low light scenarios. Since the lens has 10x optical zoom, and is a 25mm equivalent wide-angle, it will be easy to take just about any photo you want, whether it is portraits, sporting events or landscapes.Loaded full of other interesting and practical features, this DSC-HX5V will be completely ready for anything that you could possibly throw at it. For instance, in low light situations, the Anti-Motion Blur Mode will take 6 pictures virtually simultaneously with a high shutter speed, after which it merges them to create one sharp, clear picture that you’ll be blown away by. Operating in a very similar way, the Handheld Twilight Mode ensures that you can take a great photograph even in low light without using a flash or tripod.

iSweep Panorama Mode will mean that you can just press down the shutter, and sweep across a landscape, and the camera will take numerous photos and stitch them together into one gorgeous panorama to clearly show off the landscape at its absolute best.The HX5V can also take as many as 10 frames per second if high-speed picture taking is what you need. Ideal for recording all the action, the camera also instantly reduces the distortion which can occur when taking pictures of fast moving objects.Great for travelling, this Sony camera includes a GPS receiver that allows you to document the time and place of each of your photographs.If you’d like the ease of simply being able to point and shoot, you might use the Intelligent Auto Mode and the Intelligent Scene recognition Mode, which will evaluate your frame with its faces, lighting effects and motion and choose exactly what the ideal settings are to make certain that you capture the moment in the best way possible.Making it straightforward as well as enjoyable to display your pictures, you might use Photomusic which allows you to add a soundtrack to your slideshow.ProsOne DSLR user was impressed by the quality of the photos out of this little Cyber-Shot. He was especially pleased with the quality of the Panoramic photos utilizing the iSweep Mode, and also with the quality of the HD video.

Someone else said that they quality of his low-light pictures were also striking when compared with some taken with other cameras.ConsWhilst sometimes useful, lots of people discovered that the GPS feature rapidly drained the batteries.Others felt that the photos ended up just a little soft, and needed to be sharpened in a photo editing program.Several people missed the option of more manual capabilities in such a sophisticated compact digital camera.A camera filled with surprises, this Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX5V has all the quality as well as the features that you could ever want, and much more, all packed into a light-weight and compact body. A fantastic choice at a fantastic price.